5 Tips to Getting the Full Advantage Wedding Marquees

There are a number of benefits of selecting wedding marquees over conventional wedding venues like functional spaces of hotels and churches. For instance, if you organize your marriage ceremony in a marquee you can totally customize it around your own taste by making use of light background music, mood lighting, guest seating, floral arrangements plus even the position of performance and live band locations.

Decorate the Venue of Your Own Style

Once you’ve got your marquee, you can style each part of your wedding area different, suit its function for that special day, whilst also been able to decorate the outside; giving your guests that wow factor before even entering! Marquee hire firms often offer advice and help in terms of creating a theme. Most of them also offer a range of exterior décor items, to help improve the place around your wedding marquee. For instance; providing temporary wedding-related supports and picket frameworks to add a touch of elegance to the doorway to your nuptials.

Wedding Marquee Furniture

Selecting the stylish furniture for your marriage ceremony is the main aspect of creating an impression of classiness and it can assist make your nuptials guests feel relaxed and welcomed. There are a number of different kinds of wedding stuff that can be arranged for your marquee, from ordinary dining chairs to chic gold-painted traditional look seats with cushions.

Vast Area for Separate Uses

As part of the service, most marquee hire services will also provide lounge seats for different locations of your wedding area interior. For example, you may have a place dedicated to aged guests who want more comfortable chairs during the time’s proceedings and want more relaxing chairs than upright dining seats. Moreover, you may discover that you need a kid’s playground and kid-sized toys and chairs to keep them engaged during present giving and speeches.

Provide Sophisticated Entertainment Facilities

These days, more individuals who are doing the preparation of weddings need more modern entertainment at their marriage ceremony. Marquees are perfects for all kinds of entertainment preparations as they enable you to arrange your staging, visual/audio show and live band where you wish them to be within the center of the tent, with limited limitations. This is possible due to the latest marquee designs taking advantage of not having support poles within the marquee space to hold up the roof. These marquees are supported by a stiff frame that is noticeable along the walls of the marquee.

Hire a Wedding Planner

To really get the most out of your special day, it is highly advisable to hire a wedding planner from day one, to help organize everything, from early gatherings, wedding day dining, transport to and from the venue, transport for your guests, help with the preparation of the marriage ceremony, organization, and setup of the evening food, and finally, help with the marriage reception party for the evening.

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