Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

In an age where digital photography has become ever more accessible, a great image is still an art and a professional is required. Wedding photography has evolved over the years. Portraits and staged poses used to be the norm, but wedding photography now includes those rare, easily missed candid moments in between the main action of your nuptials. The memories of your big day will be taken to new heights by the artists behind the cameras. Really good photographers marry photojournalistic techniques with a creative flair to give your wedding album a unique look and feel. Wherever your wedding is located, they will capture your ceremony and reception in style.

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What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Sitting down with Your partner to make your wedding website is absolutely an enjoyable moment. The whole wedding experience begins to feel good for both you and your guests, and you can eventually begin your countdown before the big day. But once you’ve chosen a wedding website template which you love — what can you fill it with?

You definitely need to make certain all the relevant and practical details are covered while making it unique and personal to you and your partner.

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Save Your Marriage

Unless one of the partners in the marriage is a flippant and frivolous kind of person, it takes a lot of motivation and desperation to call off a marriage, no matter what the duration is or the effects of this decision will have on the spouse or the rest of the family. However, if there are intrinsic love and respect for each other, you could still save your marriage and avoid divorce before it gets too late.

Though it is critically important to know why they split-up happened in the first place, we are not going to talk about it right now presuming that you already have a clear idea of what or who is responsible for breaking up your marriage. Let us think more positive and discuss ways to save your marriage, where the most important point to remember is that the intention to save it has to be present in both of you.

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Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

What’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

This question is a lot more common than you think. You have probably heard the terms engagement ring, suggestion ring, wedding ring, wedding band and bridal set used to refer to the rings that people wear when they get married and engaged. What you might not know is that there are really two entirely distinct rings, regardless of the terms used interchangeably.

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Unique Wedding Ring

Exchanging the wedding ring is actually a basic format of the wedding ceremony. The sign of wedding that rings must be special and unique as you are going to represent it for your spouse for a lifetime.

The indefinite stores with the endless range of special wedding rings are there all over the world; still, everyone demands the whole uniqueness in their wedding ring. The very special occasion of your life would become memorizing for the lifetime with a special and charming wedding ring.

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Antique and Vintage Wedding Rings

The symbol of eternal love between husband and wife is a wedding ring. Generally, the antique wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger but in several countries such as Norway, Poland, Russia, and Germany it is worn on the right ring finger.

For every wedding, a wedding ring is a must. It is worn for etiquette as well as tradition. So if you are thinking to purchase a wedding ring then this site will offer you information on various wedding rings. The antique style wedding ring is the most unique type of wedding ring.

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How to Sell Your Wedding Ring

The Best Options You Need to Know

Things to do with the engagement ring and a wedding ring following the divorce

If the ring is sitting in a drawer, the rear of the cupboard, or even a jewelry box, collecting dust and dispersing bad vitality, what do you really do with it?

A couple of thoughts:

Divides the diamond into a different piece of jewelry — such as a necklace pendant or right-handed ring. However, let’s get real: It is still the exact same diamond, with exactly the very same memories.

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Wedding ring engraving ideas

A wedding ring or marriage band comprises of a precious metallic band, usually worn on the foot of the band finger of the left. Such a ring symbolizes matrimony: a husband puts on it to imply a marital loyalty to faithfulness.

In the period of a traditional wedding ceremony, the best man has a traditional obligation to maintain a trail of an espousing couple’s wedding band(s) and to develop them at the symbolical moment of the giving and receiving of the ring(s).

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What is the meaning of a wedding ring?

Our wedding story

It all started at Jerry’s Famous Deli, where I was sitting with my “then” boyfriend who I had only known for 2 and a half months. We were eating French fries at 11 p.m. and decided that we should definitely go and get married over the weekend.

Sure I dreamed of the big wedding, the flowers, the dancing… but everything about this new plan seemed a lot more exciting. Over the next few days, we made some calls, rented a car and drove up to BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe where we eloped. On pure adrenaline, we got back to Los Angeles in record time to announce the news to our friends, roommates, and parents…(YIKES!) It was the most exciting weekend of our life.

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